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Performing Arts

Performing arts span a wide range of live and experiential media. We provide a platform for artists to share work and develop ideas with audiences like you. Experience music, theater, dance, performance art, film screenings, festivals, and more.


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Events and Series

Enjoy our ongoing series, including INVERSE Lab, Virtually There, and our film series.

Spend time with an  experimental community of artists through INVERSE Lab as they engage with audiences by sharing processes and products centered in movement and time-based practices.

In Virtually There, settle in at home as we bring you into the homes and studios of artists to you from around the world. Featuring creative voices spanning dance, theater, and music, audiences will be able to learn more about these artists, experience some of their work, and participate in conversation.

In our monthly Film Series, discover a new film each week and participate in conversation with the director through a live Q&A. followed by a post-viewing discussion with the director.


Momentary Mixtapes

Looking for some new music or a thoughtfully curated playlist? Check out the Momentary’s profile on Spotify, featuring new playlists by featured artists and the Momentary programming team. These playlists―or as we like to call them, mixtapes―feature artists who showcase the types of voices, genres, and musical styles you might hear at the Momentary along with some well-known classics and fresh cuts.

Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.


In recent months, we’ve featured the likes of:

  • FM Belfast
  • Keir GoGwilt
  • Courtney Barnett
  • For You