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Visual Arts

The Momentary is open with reduced capacity.


Tavares Strachan, You Belong Here




Sarah Cain: In Nature

FEB 13—MAY 30, 2021

Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Cain will create a site-responsive exhibition for the Momentary. Sarah Cain: In Nature will include colorful abstract works on canvas, functional floor paintings, sculpture, and a stained-glass window. Known for her brightly colored installations that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture, Cain’s work moves over and off the canvas, responding to architecture at large.



State of the Art 2020

Feb 22—Jul 12

The 61 individuals in State of the Art 2020 represent a cross-section of artists working today and their artwork will be organized into thematic sections including world-building: creating real and fictional spaces; sense of place: investigating ideas of home, family, immigration, and more; mapping: connections to and relationships with landscapes and power, and temporality: the concept of time and how we perceive it.



Narcissus Garden

First installed in 1966, Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus Garden invites us to slow down and appreciate our surroundings. Comprised of nearly 900 mirrored spheres, this playful installation creates unique reflections of people, architecture, and nature. The mirrored spheres symbolize those orbs that occur in nature—sun, moon, and Earth—while also referencing the polka dot, a common motif in Kusama’s work. Through this mesmerizing field of possibilities, the artist encourages us to see ourselves as one sphere within an interconnected universe.

Located in the North Courtyard. Collection of OZ Art. Courtesy of Ota Fine Art and Victoria Miro © YAYOI KUSAMA.

FREE: No tickets required.

This Land is Your Land

Inspired by Woody Guthrie’s iconic 1940 song of the same name, Iván Navarro’s series of three water towers examines the history of migration in the Americas and the United States. During the Great Depression, the water tower became a symbol of hope and opportunity for nomadic workers. According to Navarro, “every time they saw a water tower, they jumped out of the train because it signaled economic activity in that town.” Visitors can step beneath the towers and look up at the repeated messages that are inspired by Navarro’s personal history as an immigrant. “Bed” recalls our most intimate form of inhabited space. The ascending ladder symbolizes progress, while the inverted words “me” and “we” reference Guthrie’s call for collective belonging.

FREE: No tickets required.

Sponsored by: Olivia Tyson, Larry and Winnie Kearns, Visit Bentonville

The Momentary Flag Project

In the spirit of our adaptive reuse architecture, the Momentary is launching a rotating series of artist-designed flags that will be raised on the factory’s historic flag pole, located on E Street. The series will ask artists to explore the symbolic resonance of flags and consider how they shape our understanding of place and identity. Through this project, we hope to continue adding new stories and perspectives to the history of the Momentary’s site.

JUN 24—OCT 4, 2020: Christopher Myers, Icarus Falling (2020). Read more about the flag here.

FREE: No tickets required.

RRRolling Stones 2.0

Constructed with 3D printed concrete, RRRolling Stones 2.0 is an adaptable outdoor seating system that explores a range of seating archetypes: chairs, benches, stools, and lounge chairs. While they may look similar, each seat is one-of-a-kind. This project was manufactured in collaboration with Cornell RCL (Robotic Construction Laboratory) and Cornell UCL (Urban Construction Laboratory) and designed by HANNAH, an experimental design practice based in Ithaca, NY.

FREE: No tickets required.

Tavares Strachan, You Belong Here


Tavares Strachan’s monumental neon sculpture, You Belong Here, is installed on the east-facing exterior wall of the Momentary, stretching 78 feet across and 25 feet high. This work is part of an ongoing series of site-responsive neon sculptures, and the affirmative statement initiates a dialogue about how we define place and create a sense of belonging in our community.

FREE: No tickets required.